Business, Sales, and Marketing Automation

Automate and integrate your business, sales, and marketing processes. Less work, more and happier customers. What's not to like?

A good vs. great business boils down to , insight, and software.

Get Organized

Good businesses are organized by nature, the great ones rely on solutions that raise the act of organizing to the level of coordination.

Everything in one place

Keep all your contact information in a centralized database that you can break into custom lists for specific messages, offers, and news.

Convert contacts into clients

Once you’ve added contacts, assign identifiers making it easy to create custom lists for specific communications and targeted marketing.

Get stuff done, on the go

Use mobile apps to upload contact info from the countless business cards you accumulate. Just snap a picture, and the app adds contact info into your customer contact lists.

Contacts in place, reach out

Create automatic emails, tasks, events, and other actions that are triggered based on your contacts' actions.

Let your software do the work

Cut-and-paste is the slowest way to communicate with numerous potential clients. It’s also an impersonal way of maintaining existing relationships with established customers.

Organization is key

With all your contacts and records in one place, you can quickly communicate with clients and strengthen relationships.

The invite is in their inbox

Build of email templates to create a series of follow up emails sent automatically to your specific lists.

Organize and sort your contacts

After adding contacts to your CRM, add identifiers so it’s easy to create custom lists for specific marketing later.

Put it on the calendar

Use an automated scheduling platform to easily get your appointments scheduled with minimum effort.

Automate to save time

When you follow up with everyone, every time, no one slips through the cracks.

How much is your time worth?

Put an end to repetitive tasks by customizing communications that are triggered by client actions. This saves you valuable time on daily tasks like scheduling, billing and reminders.

More yes, less no

Acquiring new clients is a courtship that culminates with a proposal. Some say yes, others say no. Automating follow-up frees up your time to craft the perfect proposals for each prospect.

Some clients need more time

Following up with clients and prospects is a long process that requires multiple calls and emails. Set up a workflow that automatically sends sequential communications based on the prospect’s actions—ultimately, generating new business.

Streamline business processes

Create efficiencies that work for you and that promote your service and support with existing clients.

One-time setup

Once you’ve mapped out specific workflow sequences, like requests for additional documentation, reminding clients to sign a proposal or pay an invoice, the software will send the next communication, automatically.

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We also recommend

For those businesses what want email and marketing automation without the expense or complexity of Infusionsoft, we highly recommend and implement ActiveCampaign. Contact us to learn more about which solution is best for you!