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Say Hello to Peak Performance Digital

As many of you already know, I’ve been building and expanding the web consulting side of my business for the last 18 months. I’m pleased to say that things are going great on that front. I have an incredible team with a broad array of talents, an amazing base of clients that I love working …

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Process Optimization and Automation with Adam Lowe

I promise you are going to want to hear some of this, especially if you are finding yourself working more than necessary, letting little things fall through the cracks, or if you want to make sure your customers have a consistently great experience with you and your company.

Websites, SEO, Marketing, and Automation | An allegory of an analogy business

Meet Henry

Henry has a business that sells absurd analogies
If you are here, you probably have or are starting a business too!

Your Website Sucks – Small Business Blunders, vol. 2

Something that I see over and over again is small businesses that have absolutely terrible websites or websites that look like everybody else’s. So here’s the deal, your website is your digital online presence. It represents you, it represents your company.

Appealing To Your Visitor’s Palate: Menu-Driven Website Personalization

Bring more traffic to your website by customizing the experience of the customer visiting your site. Here are four steps on how to market your products and services with a menu-driven website for better personalization.

5 Signs You Might Need a New Website

Whether you are a start-up, small business, or big corporate company, having an updated website can boost your business. Here are five signs you may need to switch to a new website.

Why Your Business Website Needs Video Content

Search engine optimization is far trickier than it was only a few years ago when web developers and DIY-minded business owners would incorporate keywords into website copy, stuff graphics with metadata, and enter their URLs into form fields on major search engine “tools” pages. But in this new age, video content is a significant marketing strategy businesses …

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Why It Might Be Time For a New Website

Do you want to listen in on a conversation I have at least once a week? Here it goes: Potential customer: “Hi. I think I need a new website.” Me: “Ok! What are your goals for your new site?” Potential customer: “Um. I want customers to be able to find me online…?” Now don’t get …

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