Appealing To Your Visitor’s Palate: Menu-Driven Website Personalization

Bring more traffic to your website by customizing the experience of the customer visiting your site. Here are four steps on how to market your products and services with a menu-driven website for better personalization.

Lead Magnets: Landing Clients with Exclusive Content

Draw in more leads with better valuable content that drives lead magnets to your business. Does your website have a marketing strategy that lands the right clients with popular content?

Hire Like a Boss with Talmar Anderson

Today’s guest is Talmar Anderson from Boss Actions. Talmar and I talk about the challenges many businesses face in hiring employees and in switching their mindset from business owner to “boss.”

When A Lead Calls YOU, a.k.a. “What To Do When Your Phone Makes A Funny Ringing Sound”

When a potentially big client calls you, take the right actions toward gaining those business prospects and maximizing your sales. Here is what to do when you want to turn leads into loyal customers.

Franchises are more than fast food with Stephanie Lewis

In this podcast, we interview Stephanie Lewis of the Entrepreneur’s Source to discuss he franchise model of business ownership. We discuss the pros and cons of running a franchise versus starting your own business, and we talk about the personality traits that work well for certain franchises.

All About Goals with Asif Choudhury

In this podcast, we interview Asif Choudhury from Bahar Consulting to learn all about setting both personal and professional goals.

5 Signs You Might Need a New Website

Whether you are a start-up, small business, or big corporate company, having an updated website can boost your business. Here are five signs you may need to switch to a new website.

Don’t Build Your Digital Marketing House on Rented Land

It’s a story that I have heard more times recently than I care to admit… “Facebook changed their algorithm, and now my business page is useless.” “I was using a tool to generate leads on LinkedIn, and my account was banned.” “I went from page one on Google to page 99.” “Facebook deleted my business …

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Why Your Business Website Needs Video Content

Search engine optimization is far trickier than it was only a few years ago when web developers and DIY-minded business owners would incorporate keywords into website copy, stuff graphics with metadata, and enter their URLs into form fields on major search engine “tools” pages. But in this new age, video content is a significant marketing strategy businesses …

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Why It Might Be Time For a New Website

Do you want to listen in on a conversation I have at least once a week? Here it goes: Potential customer: “Hi. I think I need a new website.” Me: “Ok! What are your goals for your new site?” Potential customer: “Um. I want customers to be able to find me online…?” Now don’t get …

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